How are Drugs Rated/Ranked?

All of our ratings are based on two simple, copyrighted easy to understand ratios. 1) The At-Ray ratio which tries to measure drug safety is defined as Non-Serious Reactions/ Serious Reactions (Serious Reactions are defined by US FDA as indicated in the next paragraph, any reaction not serious is termed non-serious). Simple logic dictates that unsafe or poisonous substances would have a greater chance of causing a serious reaction as defined below and will therefore have a lower At-Ray ratio as defined 2) The PP ratio which tries to measure drug effectivity is the ratio of total complaints/ complaints the drug was ineffective. Again simple logic tells us no matter how many drugs were sold, the drug is probably not very effective if a high percentage is reported as being not effective.

  An adverse event is any undesirable experience associated with the use of a medical product in a patient. The event is serious and should be reported to FDA when the patient outcome is: 1) Death : Report if you suspect that the death was an outcome of the adverse event, and include the date if known. 2) Life-threatening : Report if suspected that the patient was at substantial risk of dying at the time of the adverse event, or use or continued use of the device or other medical product might have resulted in the death of the patient. 3) Hospitalization (initial or prolonged) : Report if admission to the hospital or prolongation of hospitalization was a result of the adverse event. 4) Emergency room visits that do not result in admission to the hospital should be evaluated for one of the other serious outcomes (e.g., life-threatening; required intervention to prevent permanent impairment or damage; other serious medically important event). Disability or Permanent Damage 5) Report if the adverse event resulted in a substantial disruption of a person's ability to conduct normal life functions, i.e., the adverse event resulted in a significant, persistent or permanent change, impairment, damage or disruption in the patient's body function/structure, physical activities and/or quality of life. Congenital Anomaly/Birth Defect 6) Report if you suspect that exposure to a medical product prior to conception or during pregnancy may have resulted in an adverse outcome in the child. Required Intervention to Prevent Permanent Impairment or Damage (Devices) 7)Report if you believe that medical or surgical intervention was necessary to preclude permanent impairment of a body function, or prevent permanent damage to a body structure, either situation suspected to be due to the use of a medical product. Other Serious (Important Medical Events) 8) Report when the event does not fit the other outcomes, but the event may jeopardize the patient and may require medical or surgical intervention (treatment) to prevent one of the other outcomes. Examples include allergic brochospasm (a serious problem with breathing) requiring treatment in an emergency room, serious blood dyscrasias (blood disorders) or seizures/convulsions that do not result in hospitalization. The development of drug dependence or drug abuse would also be examples of important medical events.

Where does the data come from?

All of the data comes from public websites like the FDA, National Library of Medicine, Medline etc. Pricing and drug images comes straight from the manufacturer label or from e-commerce websites


Designed  to be a advisory lifeline, a portal with premium content, carefully vetted by experienced physicians and high quality world class expertise links assiduously organized for an intuitive, userfriendly and time-saving search experience.

  It respects the intelligence of the user as a unique well meaning human being, who in the interests of preservation of life, health and fitness of oneself and dear ones, seeks to get the best from the collective knowledge and wisdom already available in the world, the optimum solution to a health and wellbeing need, tailor crafted from the ocean of humanity’s frontline repertoire of healing abilities.


Why bother at all

   Every one of you, heirs of immortal bliss, who read this, is currently experiencing physical reality through one of seven billion plus human bodies, that are the temples built out of highly complex molecular structures, assembled into specialized parts that harmoniously coexist with each other and the environment. It stands to reason that such feats of dynamic, replenishing natural engineering are subject not only to time limited decay and decomposition but also to untimely unbalanced and non harmonious functioning and structural damage that overwhelms the replenishing capacity and this we know as disease .

    Having thus established the common survival threat we human beings can relate to, it behoves us all as thinking sentient creatures to stand united in thought, word and deed so far as we can, in our mutually shared aim  to allow our bodies to perform at their optimum potential and serve out  their maximum durability.

  To put it very simply human beings across the world are one animal species, as defined currently in biology. So, we can have the same or similar solutions, that are scientifically sound and more importantly work in the first place to concerns of life, health and fitness.

  Just imagine what happens to any one of us when we feel unwell or diseased. What is your first reaction even before you can think clearly. That sinking feeling in the gut, alerting us to a threat to survival, may be not alarmist but just ever so present in the background. That urge to get better. We need reassurance that can soothe us and by that I don’t mean a sweet lullaby but authoritative, confident, easy to understand and  empathetic in approach advise as soon as possible.

  That’s the reason why we need access to sensible information, moderated by experienced, well qualified doctors, that can easily and quickly convey to us the nature of the illness, how best to diagnose it as swiftly and certainly as possible, to guage its severity and get an idea of its course, and finally what strategy to employ to cure it, based on the best science and technology has to offer, not constrained by geographical boundaries or ideologies and of course that which is affordable.

What is at stake?

  Modern medicine is relatively new “science”. It is at it’s infancy compared to other well established hard sciences,which are better understood. The human body and mind are very complex and difficult to conduct unbridled experiments on. Therefore the understanding that accrues is slow and sometimes not accurate as people would like to believe. Biostatistical methods are new and only recently applied. Their validity is yet to be established convincingly. Needless to say expert opinion can be divergent, and even when it is dogmatic by those in premier bully pulpits, can be wrong. This is being realized increasingly by people all over the world who are astute and observant of what happens in real life to themselves and those near and dear to them in states of illness.

   We live in a very fast paced and rapidly changing world, where the deluge of information can leave anyone dazzled. The internet provides a great platform for the flow of information from different corners of the world and by a large number of sources but can provide a contrasting and confusing picture of any topic.

 What then is the solution. This forum sincerely believes in the ability of all individuals to be able to understand even the most complex scientific theories if properly explained( inspired by Dr Feynman physicist )and in the ability of the human mind to carefully weigh the pros and cons of any decision as best suited for that person. We also respect the enormous amount of scientific work that has preceeded all of us and the science and technology that continues to evolve rapidly, along with the huge talent of skillful practitioners of the art of healing.

  We believe that every individual should have at least the access to the necessary information that would be relevant to the preservation of his or her health and fitness and recovery from disease.  Current software capabilities and the information available on the internet make it possible to distill very specific information to suit the individual circumstance. This needs collaboration between information technology savvy professionals and experienced doctors on a long term basis and this is what we have achieved in our group.

  Modern medical practice is in crisis in many parts of the world. The biggest challenges are increased public expectations due to medical industrial complex hyperbole regarding current possibilities, massive politicisation of health services where the government has taken the role of prime provider of health care and vested commercial interests intertwining with the system in a way that the medical practitioner and patients are put on adversarial platforms, with the general public disillusioned or sceptical about the quality of care possible and well trained experienced medical practitioners experiencing unprecedented stress levels and burn out. Medical education remains weeded to an arcahaic traditional education model, that stifles creativity and is very inefficient at best in terms of time scales that are needed for training. The lack of original thinking among educators particularly in the developing world and emerging economies, has resulted in blindly aping and catering to the needs of providing a resource backup for plugging gaps in a failing western model of modern medicine.

What are the opportunities

There has no doubt been a great amount of research and effort in modern medicine. Some of these have been carried out by a business centric pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industry and hence there is a great deal of scepticism about the quality of this research and there is a tendency among  significant sections of the educated population to doubt the veracity of even some of the well backed up scientific conclusions of modern medicine.


This should be seen as a tragedy and disservice to the countless number of people who from time immemorial have strived to enhance the health and well being of all people.

This is an age of instant social media and world wide connectivity of information. This is a marvellous opportunity to widely disseminate and make available in a relatively short time the necessary information for a large section of the population to enable themselves to receive the optimal and life saving or enhancing care they need.

  This can be achieved by a dedicated team of health professionals and IT professionals collaborating and serving as judicious curators and classifiers and simplifiers or clarifiers of the relentless deluge of medical information out there on the web.


What is at stake?

   The cross roads we are at present can lead us down several paths in terms of the future of individual health and wellness  outcomes. The fear among many sceptics is that the  future of health outcomes to individuals take second place to medical industrial share profit concerns, where the billions of human beings are potential customers in whose name research and future practices can be moulded and shaped. Government led health initiatives can be hijacked to suit the interests of the industry.

    This forum sincerely believes in the resilience and endless potential of the realized human conciousness. This is an age of accelerated evolvution of mass human conciousness. It depends on libertarian principles which believe in the rightful responsibility of individuals for their health related outcomes. It believes in the ability of all people to be able to make the right decisions for themselves provided they have access to clutter free and unbiased information about the determinants of health and disease as currently known. Yes it is a tall task but a beginning has to be made and this is a sincere wholehearted endeavour.

     Where this forum is unique is in the unparalleled merger and interaction of professionals with diverse backgrounds in both information technology and health science and in a openminded yet scientific approach to the  concerns  and challenges that confront us.






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